Canvas and Cream



I did say the environment was perhaps of a more agreeable standard, but quality? I believe both establishments off free range eggs, and reliably sourced meat products so comes down to formuca tables and chalk boards as opposed to art and shabby chic.


That’s the crucial question: what is it about a C&C breakfast that is worth an extra nearly four quid? You’re getting less grub (I think) but is there an assumption it’s better quality grub? Better cooked? Or are you willing to pay for the atmosphere?

To be clear, I’m making no judgement either way. Things are worth what we’re willing to pay for them. I’m just interested to know on what basis C&C would be judged better ‘quality’ than a greasy spoon cafe.


In my experience of c&c vs other local caffs the meat, particularly sausages, are of a better quality.


By quality I mean less rusky, higher pork content, better flavour.


I agree with all posters, atmosphere quality of the food, service etc all matter. That said restaurants are going out of business due to lack of custom, i have a couple of friends who run a cafe & a restaurant both catering for the mid range and base their marketing on a mix of quality local products and good quantity both are doing very well financially. Its simple maths really cost of food +overheads, wages etc should give you an average cost per cover and number of covers per week/ month required to make profit.


Well BB Breakfasts which is good has a terrible cocktail range and their handling of my latte is diabolical. Plus they never seem to have avocado for my extra side order on toast.


Well, if you insist on turning up to a builder’s caf dressed like this, Starman, what do you expect?? :grin:


Never had BB down as a hipster cafe, who knew?


C&C food is pricey but we are not just paying for the food. It’s the vibe, staff and way it’s all put together. I can’t afford to get a £11 breakfast every week but I do understand why they charge a bit more. If I want a no frills mystery meat brekkie on a plastic table there are places I can go for that :slight_smile:


Not exactly the weather for it at the moment, but their Knickerbocker Glory is the stuff of dreams. Overall, I think their desserts are their strong point.


I had the tapas menu last night. Really enjoyed it. Good value at £40 for 6 dishes with 2 cocktails.


More than once we’ve had lunch elsewhere and desert in C&C


Went there last weekend. Group of 8. It was absolutely rammo’d, but I have to say they handled our order with panache. 5 eggs benedict and one more dish with poached eggs. All the eggs came out beautifully.

This did bring up a discussion on how the hell they managed to poach so many eggs that fast. It surely wasn’t just us who were dining on the EB’s that day.

A friend of mine suggested that they had a bath full of poached eggs ready to go. Could this be the C&C secret? Insiders knowledge required please


You just pre-cook them - SOP for busy restaurants.


I do this whenever I cook brunch for a buch of mates. The trick is to plunge the eggs is an ice water bath to stop the cooking.


Finding the new Lazy Chef closed, we popped into Canvas and Cream for a full English. Pricey at £11 it was the best full English we’ve had to date in Forest Hill. Perfectly poached eggs on top of thick cut toast. Beans which were more beans than sauce. A perfectly cooked portobello mushroom and fried tomatoes. Thick cut bacon with crispy fat and a plump juicy sausage.


ETA the bubble and squeek was mostly potato and delicious.