Car break ins around Forest Hill


Morning all,

I’ve come across 2 burgled cars parked on the street that were broken into through the passenger side window, one on Sydenham Park Road on Wednesday about seven pm and one outside the Bricklayers on Dartmouth Road this morning. Just a warning to be extra careful leaving anything in the car because there seems to be someone in the area having a go sadly!


I really think crime is getting worse in the area.
I guess sad fact is people think they may as well have a go as there are no police resources to catch them or even investigate.
starting to hate London.
despite being born and bred here I no longer feel safe in my home,on the street or in the car.


When I told my OH about the recent burglaries etc recently he said these things always seem to be worse in the Summer & I do think he has got a point.
I think we all have to do our best to be security conscious in this extreme heat, & that includes as already said not leaving anything on show in the car & making sure it’s secureky locked & keep keys way out of the way of thieving hands indoors. I do agree also about Police resources, but it does also seem that they have a lot more to deal with now. Take the acid attack on that poor child at the weekend.


Had my car broken into last night on Perry Vale end of Dacres Road - smashed driver window and car ransacked. Nothing taken except a bit of car park change but a lot of damage and mess. Reported on police website as no response on 101. Apparently the alarm was triggered which I didn’t hear - only knew when I saw a text alert this morning. Can’t put on here what I think of the scumbags😡.


We had our car broken into Sunday night and came across it Monday morning. Parked along the side of FH library so easily visible from main road. Nothing stolen as nothing in there or on show.

Called 101 but nothing they can do.


That’s a shame. They’re all really close together, not to be too amateur detective but it must be someone close by doing it


The fingerprints taken from my shop break in are known to our great police but are not local to SE23.

I have also been told, not from the police that a group are going around breaking into houses to steal car keys.

So keep everything secure!


I’ve seen people behaving suspiciously in the past. You get people who walk up the road crossing several times, or walking in the road a lot late at night.

I’ve also seen a man on a bicycle travelling up the pavement looking through car windows. He would go into side roads a short way and then back out and continue up the pavement. I called 999 over that one.

Probably best to remove everything from your car and leave empty glove compartments open etc…


Last night our CCTV caught someone coming onto our drive to try the doors of our car - he didn’t get anything, but thought it was worth a quick post to warn people and re-iterate the above advice …

Probably best to remove everything from your car and leave empty glove compartments open etc…


Is it worth sending the CCTV video to the police if you have the images/video?


Oh no where was this :pensive:


I live up near the Horniman and we had bikes stolen last month from communal hall and a car broken into earlier this week.


What age group is doing this?

And do you have CCTV to send to police, it might help :slight_smile: