Car Free Day

Campaign image for Car Free Day

Closures affecting one or two roads in SE23:

Car Free Day

Car Free Day is a city-wide celebration that encourages pedestrians and cyclists to reclaim London’s streets. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to consider more sustainable and active ways of getting around including cycling, walking and public transport.

Less car use can lead to cleaner air, healthier lives and closer communities. Air pollution is a public health emergency. We are determined to tackle this emergency and improve air quality for everyone.

Find out what else we’re doing to improve air quality in the borough.

Play streets

We’ve worked with residents and schools to create local play streets, which are safe spaces where communities can get together and children can play safely in the street in a car-free environment.

Road closures on Car Free Day

We have given residents in the following roads permission to hold play streets to celebrate Car Free Day. Click here for the list

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Lovely to see all the kids playing out on Elsinore Road!

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How did they decide which roads to close?

Residents apply

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Is that it? Just say “please close my road”?

Who do you apply to? What criteria is used in decision making?

Some partial information here: Closing a road for a play street event (as shown in the linked article they intend to run a car free day every September, and residents must apply by the 1st of September for permission to close their roads)


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