Car stolen from outside Mayow Park

Was with a friend today who parked his black Fiat Panda at 10am outside Mayow Park on the Mayow Road side about 50 yards from the café gate. Came out at 12pm to find it gone. If anyone saw people getting into it or acting suspiciously around it could you please let me know. It would have had to have been hotwired to steal it. Thanks

UPDATE: has been found. In Enfield :roll_eyes:


Great it’s been found (hopefully in decent condition).

I wonder if anyone opposite had one of those doorbell cameras - might be worth asking though maybe now the car is back no point. Hopefully they can get some prints etc off the car.


Thanks @oakr, not sure what condition it’s in yet as it’s being picked up today, but I’d certainly be very curious to know who it is that strolls past a car on a busy street in broad daylight, decides to break into a non-descript old car and drive all the way to Enfield! Bizarre.

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When we had a nightclub at the top of our road it was quite common for revellers to come out of the club and steal a car just to drive home in it. This was obviously cheaper than hiring a minicab.