Car stolen - Montem Road

Hi All,

Unfortunately in the early hours of this morning our car was stolen outside our neighbours flat on Montem Road. Please be vigilant, they did not make a sound, we are able to hear a lot from the front of our flats and no neighbours with bedrooms by the road heard anything. We’ve reported the crime and luckily our neighbour with a ring doorbell was able to share cctv footage. This happened at 1:40am, a car did drive past at this time, if you were this driver please get in touch. From what we can tell it was two males that committed the crime.

Stay safe everyone! Footage below:

My uncle, who was in vehicle security, told me the thieves usually push the car away from the house before they attempt to start the engine. That way the owner does not hear anything.

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Your poor neighbours. It’s horrid when things like that happen.

It looks like a Defender, which I guess now is a bit of a collectible since they stopped production. I bet it’s your neighbours pride and joy :frowning: I also imagine they are super easy to take especially the older ones. However perhaps it’ll be easier to find too?

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