Car thief

This guy is walking around trying car doors.


Great photo. Seems to be very common recently. Imho it’s much more likely theft of property left inside the car though. Vehicle theft is more sophisticated.

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going to report it ?

What’s the point? Going by recent events you could provide a sample of the suspect’s DNA with clear video evidence and the MET still wouldn’t be interested.


Tweeted it to Perryvale police, not worth reporting it properly as swagger is right, I doubt they’d dust the cars for prints or anything.

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How long before concerned citizens organise vigilante groups I sometimes wonder. There is surely going to be a tipping point at some time.


I do remember reading about a area in Hampstead where there was a spate of car thefts and street muggings (some really violent and on peoples doorsteps) so the residents got together and paid for private security patrols.
somehow I cant see us SE23 lot being able to afford that but we do need to see community support officers walking the streets as that in itself should act as some kind of deterrent


I actually can’t remember when I last saw a police person on the beat, whether community officer or police officer. The only police I’ve seen recently were stopping a car at the end of my road!

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We have police notices on lampposts in my local roads!

The only time I’ve seen police/PCSO’s on foot anywhere locally is when I was having to visit Woolstone Medical Centre at the Catford Hill end of Woolstone Road at least twice a week for several months in 2019! I got the feeling they use the old Catford Hill police station for breaks etc.

However back in December PC’s in a patrol car responded within about 30 minutes of me reporting to the Met Police by phone that I was feeling rather frightened when I was being harassed by a fraudster who was attempting to collect a parcel that had been delivered to me as a result of an online order they had placed on a a fraudulent credit account they had managed to set up using my personal details. I hadn’t been so worried during the daylight hours when he was buzzing my flat every half an hour or so from the block entryphone and I was able to ignore him but when he managed to get in the block and was then violently banging on my actual front door it felt more threatening.


I have written to our GLA rep asking about how police resources are allocated across London. Our Councillors had no idea when I asked them.

I have never seen an actual police officer walking about in Crofton Park either. We can moan all we like, but due to what has happened over the last 10 years to public spending we get a blue light service only, and that’s if we are fortunate and they have someone sitting about. Look what happened in Peckham Rye park the other day. Racist psycho on the loose threatening families and teenagers - 999 called and no one came.

They closed the police station in Howson Road, Brockley several years ago.

The police building on Catford Hill does seem to be used as a quasi police station now, although it is not open 24/7 as police stations used to be.

There’s not a total absence of foot police about; I saw three of them having a chat on the corner of Featherstone/TA the other day before wandering off in different directions. This is a pretty rare sighting though.