Car Wash recommendations

Hi folks, fairly trivial one, but was wondering if anyone has a favourite car wash place?

The car wash behind FH station is great. Been going there for years. £6 for the exterior is pretty good value. Nice guys as well.


My preferred place is on Green Lane in Penge. Been using it since about 98

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Assuming @Londondrz is refering to the one on Church Vale, then I second his recomendation. If not, then I vote for ‘the one on Church Vale’!! Always happy to squirt the pressure washer at the windows in a ‘mock soaking you’ kinda way, much to the amusement of my 4 yr old, and do a decent job of cleaning the car inside and out. They even offer you an incredibly poewerful air freshener to hang from the rear view mirror (either I have a very sensitive nose for that kind of smell, or they’re trying to subtly tell me something about the inside of my car…) - and all this for a mere tenner!


I stick the air freshener inside my bin at home. Works a treat.

Thanks! I’ll check out Church Vale on the weekend.

On Newlands Park behind All Parts Zone is the best I find. Church Vale one is fine if your in a rush tho.

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Under the arches on Evelina Rd, Nunhead they do a great job. On my first visit a while back it was £15 for the full works inside & out and I felt it was too little so gave them £20. Last month it was £10 so they got £15. I guess times are hard and I am not representative of their average customer. Both times the very grubby car came out ‘as new’.

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Duh! Somehow I missed it.

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I’m planning on flogging my car, but need it to look clean for the photos (inside and out). I have two small children and a penchant for snacking, so the interior probably needs more work than the exterior. Does anyone have any recommendations for detailing (preferably the kind that come to you)?

They guys behind FH station on Church Vale are very good. Still take my car there when in London.

I normally use those guys, but it’s a good idea to try to pick a quiet time. I went for the ‘special service’ when I was selling my car, and as they were a bit flat out, it ended up nowhere near as good as the normal service!

First thing Sat or Sunday is best or 10am during the week.