Caravans on Portakabin Site, Waldram Crescent



Looks quite dodgy then, in fairness… I still want to know how they got that gate open, though…


Maybe, but I am sure they didnt. They asked for the key I am sure.


Has anyone contacted the owners of the Portakabin site, I wonder?


Why would that be a red flag? It’s 31 years ago. Oh, wait, I see, the first two digits are wrong, as that would mean 1984.


Lets not judge, it may be a private plate :grin:


Ireland doesn’t do private plates…



I was being sarcastic :sunglasses: :grin:


I gathered… :slight_smile:


I’m inclined to give them directions to somewhere else, with recommendation for sites. I hear Norfolk is nice.


We have some settled travellers round the corner from us, nice folk. As a result we dont see many travelling folk causing issues. In fact, we dont see any travellers. Make of that what you will.


Keep up, this is England, there is no enforcement.


Are you referring to Forest Hill or Norfolk?




Indeed. And so it would seem registration only penalises the law abiding businesses, and locks only keep honest people out. :disappointed:


In regard to this…


“Eleagally” lol


There’s currently 3 police cars parked up on Waldram Place. No idea if that is related to this.


Is that what the police was hovering over earlier too? Nothing on NPAS (yet):


Friday early evening.