Cash point card cloning Dartmouth Road



On Thursday 1/11 lunchtime a friends bank card was cloned at the cash point at the first newsagent opposite Bunka on Dartmouth Road. The card was taken by the machine and a message appeared on the screen saying fraudulent activity. Her bank then contacted her as she appeared to be using her card in multiple places at the same time. I’m not sure how but a total of £470 was taken from her. Thankfully she has been refunded. The incident was reported and an engineer discovered a small camera hidden within the cash point which was used to view the card details


Doesn’t the fact that that machine took her card imply that it was cloned either elsewhere or on a different occasions? Otherwise, how would there have been time for the fraudsters to use the cloned card sufficiently to alert the bank’s fraud detection and trigger the machine retaining the card?


Always cover the pin pad when you put your pin in. The Sainsbury’s card machine was often used for cloning.


She was at the cash point in Forest Hill and they were using the card elsewhere