Cat hit by car, Stanstead Road

Very sadly a beautiful tabby has been hit by a car opposite the BP on Stanstead Road. My wife found her when out for a run, along with some other people who saw it happen (they took her out of the road). She / he didn’t make it - we have taken the poor thing to the 24 hr medivet in Beckenham. They have told us she is chipped so if that is up to date she / he will be reunited with them soon. Posting in case the owners see. My wife and the others were with her when she died v soon after being hit and comforted her. Really sorry for your loss.


Thank you. We still are missing Oprah - please keep us posted.

Hi there, it wasn’t Oprah. Sorry she’s still missing.


This is very sad.

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This is very sad to read, but thank you for posting this. I’m glad to know they were comforted at the end.

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That is so very sad, I hope he/she can be reunited with the owners so they can say a proper goodbye. :heart:

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Hi - he was. We’ve seen a sign on a lamppost near there very sweetly thanking the jogger who stayed with him, which is a lovely gesture.