Cat missing from Kilmorie Road


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Welcome to our forum @FiPiano, and sorry to hear about Frida.

I’ve shared on our social channels:


I live the other side of FH but will keep an eye out for her. So many cats are going missing at the moment.


Thank you!

I’ve seen a very similar cat in my garden yesterday, on Gabriel street. That said, my neighbours’ cat looks also very similar. Hope you find her soon

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a similar looking little tabby a bit greyer than this maybe was in my garden this morning canonbie road a fair way from Kilmorie

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If she doesn’t turn up, I would check with the school next week, as I remember a cat last year was it? That had got locked in there!

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Great memory! I think that was Stanley: Missing ginger cat [spotted in Kilmorie school, now home]

Yes he got locked in, in the holidays. My friend who is a teacher there said the caretaker had to unlock the school to rescue him!

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