Cat sitters



Can anyone recommend a good, reliable and trustworthy cat sitting service? Planning a holiday and will need someone to visit my two pusses for feeds and cuddles.

Recommended shops and services in SE23

@starman we have used CDPOM for the last 3 years and have always been very happy with them; I’d definitely recommend then. I’m verging on obsessive about cat care so I don’t say that lightly! Also have a nest cam which greatly helps my anxiety about leaving them…without wishing to sound like a completely crazy cat lady!


We have been using Cat Calls ( for a few years and have been very happy with Jane and her team. When cats have been ill they’ve gone the extra mile and really done a great job of looking after them.


We use a local lady called Tina who is very good. Ill message you her number…


Another recommendation for Cat Calls. Very professional, but cat mad and will make sure your cats get a cuddle and a fuss if that’s what they need.


Hi Cazimo. Thank you so much for the offer. At present we have a friend who stays in the house when we travel but there may be a few days gap on this holiday. We’re keen to start a relationship with a service who we can then use for emergencies, holiday periods like Christmas etc…

We sometimes call on friends and neighbours but like to keep those for the real emergencies. So while you’re offer on this occasion is really very kind, we may wait for a time when we really really need the help.


So had my initial meet with Cat Calls. And while they haven’t yet done the cat sitting, got to say I loved loved loved Jane. My confidence is the highest I’ve had with a cat sitter. Will be leaving my moggies with a high degree of confidence.


I’ve used Cat Calls several times now. My moggies love them. During a recent holiday they also took the time to water pots/boxes/baskets on the patio (for an extra pound). And when I was having an issue with errant peeing from one, Jane came over especially for some practical advice which worked.

If you need a cat sitter for this summer I’d highly recommend.