Catalytic Converter thieves driving PX56 GFV

At 1.10 pm today Mon 7th Oct catalytic converter thieves were seen in the act of jacking up my car, which had been parked in Hassocks Close. We interrupted them and they drove off but have broken the catalytic converter and done God knows what other damage.

There were 3 thieves and they were driving a pale blue Vauxhall registration number PX56 GFV. They drove off at considerable speed up Kirkdale towards Sydenham Hill or Thorpewood Avenue.

Sorry to hear this marymck. It’s just blatant theft and vandalisim.

There’s been a rise in this type of crime and they can apparently remove catalytic converters very quickly, so you did well to interupt them and get the registration number. Although I suspect the police will either come back with it belonging to a stolen car or that it’s a false plate.

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