Catford Green Appartments


Does anyone know what happened to these apartments as they were built last year and now there’s just a building site. Just interested to know why they got knocked down


Where is this?


Catford, right next to the station, where the old Greyhound track was.


Hi there,
I am wondering if you mean the temporary show home that was erected & situated next to the train station on the bridge/main road at Catford? This was dismantled/knocked down, a little while ago but the continuation of Catford Green development is ongoing. Regards, Sue.


I think the temporary show home was knocked down to build something bigger. I know a 18 or 19 storey building was applied for but not sure what was approved.


They withdrew the tower application and are going ahead with the original plan. I think it’s about 10 storeys.


I’m rolling that thought around in my head. I may be some time.


I’m rolling that thought around in my head. I may be some time.



The Catford cat?


Ah, I remember the nice show home. I’m sure there were also apartments completed as well behind it.


What skyline are they talking about!! Catford really does need to be updated, it’s so depressing. Apologies to anyone living in Catford, but I think you would agree that a re-furb would make living there a lot more cheerful.:blush:


Quite. I always considered Catford as a blight on the Catford skyline.


I worked in Catford for a couple of years, up until 2016, whilst the apartments were being built, walking past the development every day. I just went past today and saw that they had indeed all been knocked down. They’ve all been levelled to the ground. Astonishing! I googled to see what the reason could possibly be for brand new apartment blocks being knocked down before they’re even lived in and could find nothing. What a mystery. I can only think that there must have been something fundamentally wrong with them.


Indeed. Whenever I pass the Civic Centre, I can’t help thinking that it’s got to be a breach of Human Rights to require anyone to work in such a painfully ugly building. Aesthetics are important.


The whole block of flats looks a little depressing to me - maybe we just went past on a dismal day but they do look a bit gloomy.


They were temporary show homes. They have been demolished to build the homes that they have planning for.


Something about this reminds me of the episode of Men Behaving Badly in which their local pub was totally redecorated - to make it look exactly as it was before.


It’s very common practice as far as I can tell, often with show homes, marketing suites etc… moving around the site while they juggle everything. They are just temporary builds.

The site in question also had loads of portacabins for the construction company to run things from, in a compound behind the front gate, so I daresay it will look a little different afterwards.


The dog track has been built upon. If you drive down the road next to the station, you can see the blocks that have been put up, which basically looks like a prison complex. As someone looking to buy around this area, we’ve taken an interest, but the whole estate looks hideous - god knows what they were thinking.

If they do build a tower, it’ll simply look like a guard tower…


thanks James, I really thought they were almost done but interested to know they were just show homes, now the real works starts. Also, good to see the Catford tavern will be back soon, right next door