Catford Mews - Independent Cinema

Although strictly not FH the new Catford Mews Cinema is now our new choice for shows as it has a great vibe and importantly within walking distance especially when taking into account that they allow drinks from the bar in the screens. It has a Picture House independent feel to it but more trendy with exposed concrete ceilings and a perfect fit for Catford - a high end fit out. It is brand new and was not particularly busy on Sunday that I suspect is more to do with the word not having yet got around. It is tucked away in the shopping centre and easy to miss as the frontage is relatively small that is deceptive once inside as it goes a long way back. Definetly one to support IMO and cheaper than the usual offerings.


£10 tickets or £9 for members (£40/year/adult). That’s not bad!

Still holding out for The Capitol to be reconverted…

We saw a kids film during half term, daytime. £4.99 each! Really nice comfy cinema, better than Peckham Plex!

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The Fellowship and Star, is even nicer and cheaper at £6.50 a ticket

The Fellowship and Star
Randlesdown Road
London SE6 3BT

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Went to a ‘baby scream’ yesterday at Catford Mews; they seem to have something almost daily in the week for parents with babies.

I was blown away by how nice/ cool the place is. Big big big atrium area with street food market stalls, coffee shop and bar at back. The cinema had lovely big comfy seats and was very clean. The standard inside was similar to Picture House. Clearly a lot of money has been spent here. Ticket was £6. Will be going back.

Picture of entrance attached.


Beware, they have mixed toilets. When I came out the cinema, I followed the directions for the toilets but couldn’t find the male or female signs. There are four cubicles in one area, for all sexes. When I went to the front desk, I was told there was a choice as single sex toilets are available near the desk area.

I also agree that the place is excellent. We had great karaage from Fuse, a Japanese food stall, plus two for one cocktails during happy hour. We were able to take this all into the cinema to enjoy.

Cinemas were also very comfy. All for £6-7 a ticket- our new go to cinema, and can’t believe the place used to be a pound land(!!)

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It is such a treat when somewhere exceeds expectations isn’t it. I love it. The space is vast!

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