'Catford town centre to become the greenest town centre in London'

Catford will be a welcoming place for everyone with 2,700 homes will be built over the next couple of decades with half of these set to be affordable, including 1,000 new social homes.

The heart of the town centre will become largely car-free with generous areas of public space created as the South Circular is rerouted.

The Council’s ambition for a vibrant town centre signals a positive economic future for Catford with new jobs for local people and opportunities for small businesses. Investment in the town’s cultural offer will support Lewisham’s plans for Borough of Culture 2022.

Am really looking forward to seeing what happens with the Town centre once the South Circular is rerouted.

Hopefully the affordable houses really will be affordable.


As the article refers specifically to car-free I trust buses will still be able to stop in the town centre!

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It’s a very minor rerouting compared to the original vision, isn’t it?

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I thought the South Circular is planned to go behind Laurence House.
Has the plan changed?

Hopefully this will mean complete demolition of that ghastly block of flats directly behind the big fiberglass cat. Tesco wouldn’t be happy, though.

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I think the building you’re referring to is Milford Towers and together with the Catford Shopping Centre is planned to be demolished in phases so that new high rise housing and new shops can be built!

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I don’t know, if fully pedestrianised maybe not, or maybe there will be some bus only lanes like near Lewisham centre? Or buses will stop just outside meaning you can have more space for in the pdestrianised area

I’m not sure, is it? I’ve not seen a visual or what it would look like after, is there one out there?

Actually Tesco will be very happy. They want a much larger store.

This map is in the council papers setting out the plans.