Cavapoo breeder

I have grown up with dogs my whole life. My family always re-homed larger dogs (Alsatian’s: Labs/ Collies) and I’ve actively looked after them as an adult so am more aware than most of the commitment of a dog. With this in mind, I finally feel ready to get a dog. I work from home and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Sadly due to my children’s age most rehoming places won’t re-home to me. So I think that is a route for future dog two.

After much research, I’m looking to purchase a Cavapoo late in 2022. I’m aware of the health risks, so will only be going to someone who screens their pups for health issues.

I see lots of Cava/ Cockerpoos in the area so would welcome any breeder recommendations. Happy to be PMd. Cheers

A few of my friends have gotten cavapoos from this breeder. Good luck x!
Looveadoodle on instagram


Thank you.