Central heating or good plumbers

Our central heating system seems to have a leak. I think I know where the leak is. Anyone have any recommendations on who to help or experience of getting this type of problem sorted?

The best guys for central heating that I have ever used are LMS Gas services. Local family firm and they REALLY know their stuff.


I would second LMS. They are fab and local and I used them to install my boiler a few years back when it blew in the middle of a cold spell. They managed to fit me in really quickly, did most of the work in one long day and were tidy, nice people who seemed more interested in doing a good job than in collecting the money! Great family firm.

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A third for LMS from me. Used them on a number of occasions, very reliable, efficient and reasonable priced family firm.

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Not quite on topic… but I’d love to see some of these local services added to the Friends of Forest Library discount card? @Pauline and @Simon? An objective for year two?

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Good idea Jason :slight_smile:

A 4th thumbs up for LMS services. Localand family owned.

Kastro is someone I used this week when my boiler broke down. Super quick, nice guy and no nonsense and also not expensive.

His details are: 07881974367 - kastriot.ademaj@btinternet.com (I asked if I could put his details up).


Absolutely agree - LMS are fab. Definitely recommends

Bit of a specific one this - but does anyone know a plumber/heating engineer how can carry out an annual service on both a Worcester Bosch boiler as well as a Joule unvented hot water cylinder?

Our normal boiler guy isn’t rated for unvented cylinders and the guy that fitted our cylinder doesn’t service Worcester boilers :man_shrugging:

Rather than splitting the jobs, I’d much rather find someone who can service the both in one visit (and hopefully save a few pounds in the process)

I already tried LMS on the basis of the above recommendations, but the specific combination was a no go apparently :pensive:

We are Progas regulars. Have you tried them?

Peter Bennison is very good and he is Worcester Bosch approved installation engineer.

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Many thanks both - will give them a try :slight_smile:

Just a quick follow up to say that we went with Peter Bennison in the end - happy with the work, and good to get the two jobs done in one, so a :+1: from me.