Change to Pearcefield Road Car Park (Sainsburys)


Lewisham Council are introducing a Pay by phone as from 1st April at the Pearcefield Road Car Park (Sainsburys) this mean you will have to use the RingGo text to park service you must have previously registered with RingGo and added the vehicle you wish to park with to your account. or use their RingGo app including the App Store and Android.

It was thanks to the Forest Hill Society for campaigning in getting the 2 hours free parking on behalf on the community.

What is you don’t have a mobile phone or one that does not have apps platform and you have to pay to received a text so you are paying for 2 hours free parking. How can this been free parking?. Will the first week of operation will the council and parking contractor allow a setting down of about a week to allow people to get use to the new changes or will the contractor just start been ticketing to boost their profits. I say that everyone who gets a ticket should take it to the council parking tribunal and the amount of appeals will make the system collapse due to the amount of work.

They as been a total lack of consultation from the council as usual and please contact the three ward councillors and put pressure on them to postpone this until a proper and democracy public consultation taken place.

Cllr Peter Bernards: Bus. phone: 020 8314 9927

Cllr Sophie Davis: Bus. phone: 0208 314 3493

Cllr : Leo Gibbons: Bus. phone: 0208 31 46916