Changes to Parking Times in Dartmouth Road?



I’m interested to know how the changes to the parking provision on Dartmouth Road has worked since the road reopened.

Do you use shops in Dartmouth Road more/less often since April?
Do you park more/less often in Dartmouth Road since April?

What would you like to see happen to parking times on Dartmouth Road?

  • Reduce parking times to 20 minutes
  • Keep parking times at 30 minutes
  • Increase parking times to 60 minutes
  • Increase parking times to 120 minutes

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30 minutes seems about right. If anyone needs longer than that then it’s worth their while going to one of the pay-and-display car parks. Any less and you could get hammered by an over-keen parking warden - especially if there’s a bit of a queue in front of you at Rob’s Barbers!


A slight increase (to 50/60 mins) would hopefully reduce the stress on Thorpewood Ave / Derby Hill.


I dont think 30 minutes is long enough to get your hair or nails done or eat lunch or pop in to the gym or have a swim…as most of the places on Dartmouth road consist of those amenities it makes sense to encourage customers to stay long enough to enjoy them. A longer time period would also encourage more people to have a stroll round the other shops towards Sainsbury.


30 minutes is plenty of time to get MY hair done! :joy:


Unfortunately I doubt it will but it looks like the residents and councillors will try to come up with a solution to make these roads more pleasant and less polluted for the residents and kids attending the two local primary schools.


Would also be good to hear from the shop owners on this subject. Whatever can be done to help the high street should be done.