Charity for Low Income families/single household

Is there a charity specifically for Low income families/single households that I can donate things to?

The local food bank is probably the most relevant to your concern.

Thanks - I was more thinking of furniture/TV and children’s clothes and toys/books

In that case you need to head up to Lewisham Toy Library. Shop 46, Molesworth St, London SE13 7EP. They next open at 10:00 am on Wednesday. Tel. 020 8297 2735.

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Thanks! Will call them

Emmaus is a charity for the homeless just starting up. They are up the Lee High Road, or DAGE for older people.

Can I resurrect this thread - having a clean out of old kids stuff - I have a couple of Nintendo DS and some games I would like to donate to a kids home or charity - any local recommendations within walking distance of town?

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