Child’s haircut

We normally get our children’s hair cut at Little Clipper in East Dulwich. We like the fact the kids sit in cars/ are distracted by the TV and the staff are great, but we’d ideally like to find somewhere as good locally. Recommendations welcome.

A bit fat -1 for Niketa Hair Lounge after an unpleasant experience there (they have been informed).

Went to another place recently, but not sure if we will be going back.

Would a barbers work?

I think so as long as they are patient with kids that can’t be bothered to sit particularly still for a haircut then yes.

Deffo want to avoid bad experiences.

Family Kutz in Beckenham also do the car and iPad thing and aren’t bad. Not exactly local though…

Good to have a backup if we don’t find anything in SE23. Thanks.

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As a child I was always nervous about visiting the hairdresser’s and when I was finally in the chair was a real fidgeter. That all changed after my dear old mum put me through a particularly harrowing experience with a pudding basin, a blunt pair of scissors and a ruler to tidy up the edges.


My son goes with his dad to KR barbers in Brockley and he loves it because they give him a milky bar. Boys hair only though and pretty basic.

That sounds like a real treat! Might have to give them a whirl. Thanks.

We’ve had a pretty good experience a couple of times at Niketa on Dartmouth Road, where both daughters had their hair cut simultaneously, and from memory they do have one of those car high chairs for little kids. Sorry to hear it didn’t work as well for you though @beige.


Ibo’s Barbers on Perry Vale have a car seat set up for children. No TV or Ipads, but the guys working there are lovely. Been there once when a child had his hair cut, they were quite patient and sweet with it. And they always offer you something to drink, sure they have juice and such for children.

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Yup - definite agree with this. I’ve been taking my son since he was very little and they’re brilliant. He once complained about the noise from hairdryers and they unplugged everything and made a big show of carrying them to the back of the shop. Lovely guys and good barbers.

Also agree with @jonfrewin about Hair Lounge - they have always been good for us with our daughter. Sorry to hear of @Beige having a bad experience.


Yes Ibo’s is in the heart of Perry Village, next to the bistro. That’s exactly my experience, I’ve noticed how brilliant they are with children. As well as the car seat they even have a stash of lollipops.