Children's Party Venue Recommendations please!




Many thanks everyone for the excellent recommendations. Very much appreciated.

We’ve gone for Holy Trinity Church on Lennard Road.

Will report back on how it goes!

Cheers guys

Hi all,

we are planning our son’s 6th birthday party.

Does anyone have any good venue recommendations?

Ideally close to Kirkdale but anywhere SE23 / SE26 considered.

Thinking something like a church hall or such like. Cost is always a concern!

Thanks as ever



Some of these things get booked up quickly and in advance, but there are quite a few more than I will list below, which are more HOP based:

  1. Scout Hut, St Saviours Church, Brockley rise - always very popular and I think one of the cheapest to hire.
  2. St Saviours Church Hall
  3. Hope Centre (Ewart Road I think)
  4. St Hilda’s Church Hall (more Crofton Park)

Depends what you are looking for, but I’ve been to all the above (bar St Hilda’s which my other half has been to) and all have hosted successful birthday parties for that age.

You can also hire areas in Private Schools, and in Gyms (I went to one in Deptford Leisure centre).

Good luck!


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Thanks buddy!


thanks buddy will do


We had our daughter’s 1st birthday party at Holy Trinity Church hall, se20 (not se23/26 but just down the road - we live in Sydenham). It was great - £25ph and we took our own food/ drink/ decorations (they have nice bunting up at the moment).


Champion Community Hall maybe. Used for many childrens activities. Maybe a bit far from Kirkdale though.


Another vote for Holy Trinity Church Hall. It’s a lovely (big) space. Good for a winter party.


Forest Hill Methodist Church on Normanton Street (really big hall, but also smaller rooms)
Sydenham Community Garden (medium size but a lovely garden)
Seniors Centre on Stanstead Road
Mayow Park - Grow Mayow Community Garden (better in summer as not much indoor space)


Holy Trinity would be my favourite. The only thing I would say is that it is a bit hidden but you can walk down Sydenham Park off Kirkdale. The second one is the community centre at Jews Walk which is on the other side of Kirkdale.
The last one is the community centre in Lammas Green which you can access via Otto Close off Kirkdale.

I have been to parties at all venues but my preference would be Holy Trinity in the winter and Lammas Green in the summer as the kids can run around the green afterwards.