Chimney Sweep Recommendation?

Hi all. Can anyone recommend a good, local chimney sweep? That time of year again…

i can highly recommend Apex Chimney Services 020 8856 4341.

I used Pearce and Sons a few years ago. Very good indeed, clean and efficient. There are several Pearce chimney sweeps locally - family business!


Thanks Alison. I have left them a message!

Excellent… thanks Rachel.

And Pearce are all booked in for the 27th!

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Pearce are great - used them a couple of times…

Of the many recommendations we’ve sought on really only @RachaelDunlop’s have panned out. She is the best source for recommendations.




We used Pearce and Sons yesterday - quick, as clean as can be expected, very pleasant bloke, good price. Would recommend and will use again.

We’ve used Pearce and son for a few years now. V happy. Funnily enough he even does my friend in clapham. It’s the Grandad that answers the phone, his son and grandson who sweep. They are a lovely family with a fascinating history in Forest Hill.