Chinese Elvis online gig - spare laptop

I am, for better or for worse, responsible for this.

I have been asked to do a small gig in support of pub landlords (its a long story which will be told if this ever works).

The best way this would likely work is to set up my gear during the day in my garden and broadcast it via Facebook etc.

In fact, their person suggests this

Before this happens I need to test the sound and this is where the idea falls down. I do not have a laptop. Is there anyone who could lend me one, which I will wipe clean before and after so that I can install this software and test it?

I have a PC that is plugged into the router directly for internet but it would be almost impossible to take all this outside to use to broadcast this, when I already will be setting up my speakers and such like.

Does anyone have a spare laptop that would run this software and connect to wifi and run Windows, which at least I have knowledge of?

If so, we could arrange a safe hand over, involving dettol spray and wipes, and then I could at last start thinking about testing the idea.

On the other hand, I don’t know whether a loud 25 minutes blasted Elvis singalong would be a welcome event on my street anyway!

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