Christmas Tree Recycling 2020/21

Continuing the discussion from Christmas Tree Recycling Points 2019 / 2020:

Lewisham have the usual list is recycling points and advice here:

This year they have also included some more general info about recycling other Christmas materials such as Christmas cards (yes, but no glitter or bows), cardboard, batteries and food waste. Wrapping paper has some specific guidance for the ‘scrunch test’:’s own Christmas hats will soon be packed away neatly ready for reuse in subsequent years.


Hi Rob. I’m planning to take mine there in the next day or two. Was it fairly obvious where the recycling point is?

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The Mayow Park drop-off points are both by the Mayow Road entrances and usually clear to see because there will be are hundreds of trees piled by mid-January!

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Plenty of trees dropped off at Blythe Hill:

Sadly it also looks like there have been a few used for bonfires at the top of the hill - I’m pretty sure that’s not the idea!

Ha! I was just coming on to post the same!

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We saw some enterprising youths took advantage of the free firewood on New Year’s Eve. They do smell great though.

I mean it’s not even that big a tree!