Christmas Tree Recycling points 2018/19



There’s a full list from Lewisham here:

Last year both Mayow Park entrances on Mayow Road had drop off points.


Drop-offs are certainly going well in Mayow park today:


Cricket. We just dropped ours off. That is a might mountain of trees.


Hi all - we are new to the area - Waldram Park Road - and don’t have a car or the means to easily chop up our tree (nor a garden waste bin - have been waiting 12 weeks!). Can anyone tell us if any of these points are easily walkable ? Or if anyone near us would be heading to one soon and be willing to take ours ? Or even keep it to replant ! Any help appreciated :slight_smile:


There is someone on the SE23 Mums group on Facebook offering Christmas tree disposal to a recycling point for £5. I’ve suggested they contact you here.


That’s great , thanks so much :slight_smile:


Ha! My mate (who actually lives quite close to you) has a pick up truck. He did mine for me on Sunday and a few other friends in the 'hood. I did suggest a service for a fiver and he (we) could use the proceeds to support local drinking establishments during Dry January.



Do you know if they’re still offering this service? Our car has broken down and we shamefully still have our tree up as a result so we’d be very interested.


It looks like the person in question never came on here to offer his services to the previous poster, so I presume he decided to not pursue the project.


Can you remind me, was you taking a ‘management fee’ out of the deal? :joy:


Tell us about the flat tyre again?