Christmas tree sale in Forest Hill?



Is there a Christmas tree sale in Forest Hill? I am a new resident in the area (moved here in January) and still getting to know what this wonderful community has to offer. Any tips much appreciated.


Charity Christmas Trees in the hood
Xmas Trees

Christmas trees are sold around the back of Forest Hill station, between the rear entrance to the station and Forest Hill Cars. There’s a small lot there where they set up every year.

If you are feeling charitable, you can also get a tree, either local pick up or delivery from All proceeds go to local homeless charities.

Welcome to the hood!


Great thanks! I live in Forest Croft on Taymount Rise so I have not explored the other side of the station as much…one more reason to do so. Thanks for your swift response! I love love love Forest Hill :slight_smile:


Shannon’s Garden Center normally have a good range - they should be in stock in a week or so


Horniman School also do threes. Not sure if it is open to non parents but I will check for you.


Welcome to FH Marina & this forum. We all love FH too :two_hearts::two_hearts:


The car park for the Cricket Club on the corner of the South Circular becomes a Xmas Tree market and is pretty good - on the corner of South Circular and Lordship Lane.


The place @oakr noted is this one

Been buying trees from here for years. Very high quality


Thanks all, a few options. I will explore…


The lot next to the station also do free delivery to the local area. Always get mine there.


Shannon’s seconded here - great quality and free delivery. And I like to support our local garden centre :slight_smile:


Another vote for Shannon’s here. We bought our tree from them last year & thought it was the best tree we had bought in the five years we have lived in Forest Hill. Welcome to FH :slightly_smiling_face: X


Double take there. Where would people be mooring their yachts round here, even if we had any?


The place next to the station entrance on Perry Vale has the most expensive Christmas trees I’ve ever seen. They wanted £50 for a little 6ft one the one and only time we went in there. Sainsburys are a better bet.


Haha Tim, if only xx




It’s a new plan to take advantage of all the burst water mains we seem to get around here.


Next to the Signal would make sense as that is a genuine bit of canalside, albeit sans canal.


Where would people be mooring their yachts round here, even if we had any?

Why in the sink holes of course :joy::joy::joy:


I can confirm that Shannons has a great selection of Christmas trees, I was there yesterday and the smell was lovely.