Christmas tree sale in Forest Hill?


Hi Marina. If you go for King’s Christmas trees you will also help Lewisham homeless people so it’s both good for you and our less fortunate neighbours. We’ve ordered from them for the last couple of years and their Nordmann firs are good quality and well worth the money. You can pick up or they will deliver. Let’s spread the goodwill to all men (and women)…


There is a yacht permanently moored in a garden near us in Castlands Road. Does this count?


There is a yacht behind FH station.


You say £50 is expensive for a 6ft tree, despite the fact that the other two places mentioned “Kings Christmas Trees” and “Christmas Forest” both sell 6ft trees at £45-55. The cheapest you probably get a proper, authentic tree at that height is at that £45 price minimum. Even artificial ones online are £80-90.


Homebase do a six footer for around £35.


Found one online for £40, artificial. It’s alright.


No dropped needles, no crap in or on the car. No chopping it up into tiny tiny pieces. Heaven.:grin:


You’re making too many relevant and correct points, dang!


Aldi wanted £20 for a 6ft Scottish tree last year. The most I ever paid was for a 7ft one from Homebase that was some special variety that looked lovely and that was £35.


B&Q doing 6ft real trees for £20 right now.


Both Shannons & SE23 cabs are donating trees to the library :slight_smile:


Some more suggestions here: