Citymapper Pass extends to Zones 3 and 4

The Citymapper Pass has been extended to include zones 3 and 4. A zone 1 and 2 version was introduced earlier this year. This offers and alternative to Oyster but is only available on a weekly basis. However, it undercuts Oyster by £4.20 for a zones 1-3 pass. There is a basic version which replicates Oyster’s reach… but also a Super Duper version which includes credit for taxis and Santander bikes. I see you can use this with a card or with the app.

Any forum members got any experience with this?

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With Citymapper footing the bill for the difference in fare, we speculated that the tech startup was betting on users making less than £30 worth of journeys per week in order to turn a profit.

Link to Citymapper Pass FAQ.

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I found the jobs page interesting; it looks like they are basically hiring a whole company:

I wonder if this follows the well-trodden tech startup plan of being ‘distruptive’ and burning through tons of cash while trying to workout how to become profitable. If that is the case, it could well workout to be a genuinely good value scheme for users, though without installing the app it’s hard to cut through all the fluff on the website.

You missed this one off your screenshot.


They have a sense of humour. Among suggested routes including normal transport options, they’ve included jet packs, transporters and Dorothy Gale’s tornado.

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