Cladding/render removal

Has anyone used any local businesses for removal of any exterior cladding or render?

We’re looking to get our exteriors stripped back to its lovely original brick characteristic. Having contacted three currently and meet with radio silence or wishy-washy unrealiable schedules anyone got any recommendations?

Or anyone got any tips or advice on doing this, would also love to hear. Prices, timings, etc

I hear it’s risky because one doesn’t know what the render is hiding and sometimes it was put on to solve an issue. I once looked at a pebble-dashed house but thought I would get it rendered over rather than removed for this reason.

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What you’re assuming is “lovely original brickwork” is probably pretty rough on account of the anticipation that it’ll be rendered. Brickwork of old that has been rendered was probably laid by an apprentice to give him practice on a finished article that’s discrepancies will have been hidden by a time-served plasterer. It’s the same today with concrete blockwork. Get the apprentice on it because any mistakes (not square, plumb and true) will be overcome by plasterboard and an experienced plasterer.


Quite a few houses round here have had render or pebbledash removed over the years. It looks expensive and seems to either involve sandblasting or chipping off by hand and then a lot of brick repair and repointing. We have render that was out on in the 1980s, a big chunk of which has blown and I’m not sure whether it’s wise it try and get it repaired or get it removed as I think it does only have a limited life… be interested to see if you get any recommendations.