Classical Music - One Tree Hill Sinfonia - Sat 2nd Apr 6:30pm



For fans of classical music… found this notice outside Forest Hill Station. Looks a lovely evening, and in support of a good cause.


Classical concert 28th March 7.30pm St Augustine's Church, Honor Oak

Good spot and have already tweeted this out. Features a bandoneon no less.

I should mention though that I very nearly didn’t click on this thread due to the title. Thought it was a reference to an 80s KTel production, shudder.


@starman - I also found the title a bit confusing - can I change it to “One Tree Hill Sinfonia - Sat 2nd Apr 6:30pm”?


Twas intentional given the composers they chose. On the other thread which I created by error I had called it Hooked on Classic (al music).