Clean Air for SE23: First group meeting


Mums for Lungs. This group are really effective - certainly worth starting a branch in SE23 and surroundings. Does anyone want to lead this? Has anyone done it already?

Clean air for SE23 group

Hi @Hedgeways - great to see your initiative on this :+1: Could you let us know what time the meeting will be held please?


Sorry It starts 10.30-see that’s why I need some help with this!

Please let me know if you can make it or are interested in coming to a future meeting.



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Hi Alice,

I wanted to be there but didn’t see the confirmation of place, I think the post was split from the original for some reason?

What was the discussion like?


Hi Mary,

Sorry you didn’t see the original post. It was a good first meeting and we decided to join forces with the forest hill society to do regreening as well as prevention schemes like expanding ULEZ, promoting cycling/going electric.

Please email me to join the mailing list and find out more.

Best wishes


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