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Just a quick reminder for anyone seeking recommendation for services: it’s best practice to check the profile of the person making the recommendation. Are they verified? If not, have they been active in the forum, in other areas and topics, before making the recommendation? A first time user who posts to recommend a company (including links) may not be a local user but representing the company. While this does not mean the service offered is not genuine, it does call into question the reliability of the recommendation.


I would strongly advise against Cleaners London (

We booked a deep clean today for 10am, only to be told shortly before they were due to arrive and start that they wouldn’t be ready till 1.30pm. Then it was 3pm. They’ve supposedly been 10-15 mins away ever since but it’s now gone 4pm and no sign of them. A completely wasted day, wrecked childcare, and no clean prior to a family visit tonight. Immensely frustrating.

Admittedly slightly off-topic as it’s a deep clean not a regular clean - but they do offer regular cleans as well. Avoid like the plague…

Obviously your own prerogative but my old flatmate worked as a cleaner through the Handy app, and they treat their employees just awfully.
Some of her clients realised and decided to pay her cash in hand, as for every £10 per hour, £2 was going to Handy, just for the use of the app. So I would say if you’re happy with the cleaner, see if they’d prefer to work just for you and not through Handy.

Hi all - we’ve used cleaners from Get Set Clean for the past 4 years or so. They’ve always been pretty good - and the I think they’re all fairly local.


I’m hoping to get a cleaner a couple of hours a fortnight - if anyone has any recommendations it would be really helpful. Especially comments on your experience with After 5 cleaning services on Clyde Terrace if anyone has used them?

My cleaner has given her permission for me to post her contact details on here so here you go - Carmen, Mobile - 079504 78502. If anyone wants to chat to me about her please contact me via the private messaging option (you will need to be a verified member in order to do so).



Hi there, my name is Flavia. I’m a cleaner with references. Please contact me if you need any help to keep your house clean and tidy.

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Hi there, are you still happy with the cleaner you recommended?

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Hello, I’ve tried texting and calling Carmen but no answer - perhaps she’s not desperate for new work! Does anyone else have any recommendations for a weekly cleaner? Thanks

Carmen cleans for me too and she’s very good. She hasn’t been available this week though as she’s been helping her daughter in hospital. Dan

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Thanks Dan, that’s really useful. Hope all is well with her daughter. Will see if she’s available for a quick chat next week perhaps.

I had pretty much the same experience with this company a few months ago with an end of tenancy clean.

The cleaners were about 5 hours late, meaning we wasted a day of waiting and then our evening, and not very good in terms of quality (they even broke something minor and didn’t tell us until I noticed). When I called their head office to get money off due to these things whilst the cleaners were still there, it was obvious that the cleaners themselves were having arguments with the company who was employing them - seemed like the company was quoting people time / cost for jobs without seeing the actual effort required, meaning they didn’t have time to do jobs to a good enough standard and were then having to travel significant distances across London at peak times to their next job - none of which they had time for!

Would not recommend this company either.

Somebody upthread mentioned Jane Jefferson cleaning - we use them too, mainly because they’re local and pay a living wage. We’re very happy with the service provided.


I’m ideally after an individual rather than agency so you get a specific person that you get to know rather than anyone an agency choose to send. The ones up above are all full so my search continues …

Flavia is one of my tenants, known her for 6 years, she has permanent residence status.


That’s helpful. Given she wasn’t verified I ignored originally. Many thanks.

Hi there, I tried to go on sugar mountain to be verified but they just open at 10 am, wich is too late for me, I’ll try to go on Saturday!! If you wish I can provide some references too.
Thank you

We’re in Honor Oak and use Molly Maid. Unfortunately after a bright start, they’re not all they’ve cracked up to be.

The biggest issue is that they’re double the price of a normal cleaner (£68 rather than £33 for a few hours at our small terrace). For that price they need to do a good job. When they decide to do the clean properly, it’s worth it and it feels you get what you pay for.

When they don’t, which became the norm after the first few visits (despite our attempts to flag it up), it’s a poor service for a ludicrous price. Last week: all bins emptied into the recycling, didn’t clean the floor properly, didn’t wipe food off the kitchen worktop, refuse to clean the kids’ little step-stool as a point of principle.

On balance, given they’re twice as expensive as everyone else and not reliably any better, it’s not worth it and we’ve “agreed to part ways”…

Hi my name ir mara im a cleaner with 20 yeasr experience and im looking fir extra hours of cleaning and iron i can suply references upon request, if interested please call mo no 07828169496