Cleaner recommendations



I’m ideally after an individual rather than agency so you get a specific person that you get to know rather than anyone an agency choose to send. The ones up above are all full so my search continues …


Flavia is one of my tenants, known her for 6 years, she has permanent residence status.


That’s helpful. Given she wasn’t verified I ignored originally. Many thanks.


Hi there, I tried to go on sugar mountain to be verified but they just open at 10 am, wich is too late for me, I’ll try to go on Saturday!! If you wish I can provide some references too.
Thank you


We’re in Honor Oak and use Molly Maid. Unfortunately after a bright start, they’re not all they’ve cracked up to be.

The biggest issue is that they’re double the price of a normal cleaner (£68 rather than £33 for a few hours at our small terrace). For that price they need to do a good job. When they decide to do the clean properly, it’s worth it and it feels you get what you pay for.

When they don’t, which became the norm after the first few visits (despite our attempts to flag it up), it’s a poor service for a ludicrous price. Last week: all bins emptied into the recycling, didn’t clean the floor properly, didn’t wipe food off the kitchen worktop, refuse to clean the kids’ little step-stool as a point of principle.

On balance, given they’re twice as expensive as everyone else and not reliably any better, it’s not worth it and we’ve “agreed to part ways”…


Hi my name ir mara im a cleaner with 20 yeasr experience and im looking fir extra hours of cleaning and iron i can suply references upon request, if interested please call mo no 07828169496


+1 for Jane Jefferson. Responsive by email, convenient payment (via DD/SO rather than cash), not cheap but have tiered pricing to allow you to pay London Living Wage if you choose. The quality of the clean inevitably depends on the cleaner but we’ve had two cleaners from there who have been really good, despite our mildly OCD standards!


Thanks Christopher.


great Ive been thinking of getting a cleaner.
Finances allowing because I’m finding it increasingly hard with both of us working long hours full time to spend every day off just cleaning, Its also something I’m a little nervous about but Jane Jefferson sound just what Im after


Our cleaner (sourced via Agnes - see business card below) was very reliable and did a good job.


Thanks Chris, this is all very helpful.


My name is Vania and I’m looking for a couple of hours doing cleaning/ironing.
I’m a recent mum and unfortunately I had to leave my job as they didn’t give me flexible hours so we are struggling a bit with the bills. I can provide references as I did cleaning services to private houses when I came to live in London.



Have you found a cleaner? I am looking for extra hrs, I am a cleaner.


Cleaner/ Ironing lady/Gardener and Dog/cat Care Recommendation
I highly recommend my cleaner of over 8 years, whom also does ironing, gardening, cat/ dog care. Extremely Reasonable rates and works very hard to high standards. I think she may have a few hours avaible, Contact number 07376-462643


Vania - I’m looking for a cleaner. PLease can you post your mobile number and I will get in touch. Best wishes.


Hi Vanessa,

I am looking for a cleaner. Please can you post your phone number and I will get in touch.



I have a lovely cleaner Flavia, who i found on here actually. She does a great job on my property, and my standards are OCDish! :grinning:

Her number is: 07563361903.


Hi there, I’m looking for someone to provide some much needed back up (I will be here too) with cleaning, tidying and childcare, from 5-7pm 4/5 nights a week in Honor Oak Park. Some experience working with children and cleaning necessary, £10 per hour. I have an 8 month old and a 4 year old and our house is busy and fun at that time of day! If you are interested (or can recommend someone) please message me. Many thanks


Our cleaner is going on a holiday for a month so we’d like to use a service to fill the gap. I appreciate the multiple recommendations for Jane Jefferson but they cannot help out during the Christmas season.

Anyone have other good or bad experiences with services like Molly Maid?

Any experience out there use Get Set Clean? This looks like a service similar to Task Rabbit which for a fee farms out to independent workers.



We use these guys for cleaning and have a weekly cleaner via them for nearly a year. Really pleased with the standard of our cleaner and there is always a back stop of the agency if you’re not happy (although not had to use).