Cleaning the Subway


Many hands make light work, and we can usually clean the subway in less than 50 minutes with a few people with sponges and your favourite household cleaning products. Please come along and lend a hand and be amazed at how clean the subway can become


Is there any appetite for some street art here ?


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Nothing to do with cleaning, but in case it comes up, I noticed that the surface of the stairway is coming away in places - It might develop into a real health hazard so I submitted a report.


Is anybody else popping down on Saturday morning at 10:30am for a bit of cleaning?

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to make the subway all sparkly and clean from a very dirty start.
Just bring along some gloves and a sponge, perhaps a bucket or a squeegee, and any of your favourite household cleaners.

After 30-50 minutes we will be finished and you can admire your handy work until it becomes horribly dirty any in another year.


Which pubs are open at 11:30am?


The Wetherspoon is open from 8am



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