Clearing paths to help your neighbours

After walking to do the nursery run this morning, it was lovely to have the fresh snow under foot after a perilous walk home last night. It was almost comic how many times I nearly slipped over.

I absolutely love the snow, but as we all know once it’s been compacted it’s like an ice rink.

The snow and cold weather look set to stay so I’m wondering if we could run a little campaign for everyone on here to clear the footpath directly outside their house / building meaning once the snow stops and ice freezes we can all continue to walk on foot without fear of breaking bones.

I’m going to do outside mine later before it freezes over tonight.


I think many people are wary of clearing the pavement in case they inadvertently make it worse and more dangerous. Unless you’re putting down a good quantity of salted grit I wouldn’t trust anyone’s attempts to clear a pavement with just a broom or shovel, especially if more snow is due.


Interesting. Hasn’t thought of that. :grimacing:

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Will I be held liable if someone falls on a path I have cleared?
There is no law preventing you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your property, pathways to your property or public spaces.
It is very unlikely that you would face any legal liability, as long as you are careful, and use common sense to ensure that you do not make the pavement or pathway clearly more dangerous than before. People using areas affected by snow and ice also have responsibility to be careful themselves.

from Tower Hamlets:,_highways_and_pavements/winter_weather_and_gritting/clearing_snow_and_ice_from_pav.aspx


Thanks @Beige will crack on then.

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