Clothes/shoes/textile recycling/donations in Forest Hill


One of my tasks for this coming weekend is to conduct a well needed cull of some clothes/shoes. It’s been a while since I did one. Aside from the clothes recycling bins in the Co-Op forecourt and the Red Cross shop on London Road, I was wondering if there are any other local recycling bins or shops that take clothing donations? I am sure I will have a mix of clothes that are suitable for donation and then some stuff that just needs to be recycled. The recycling bins in the Co-Op seem to full all the time (although I haven’t looked at them very recently).


British Heart Foundation will collect…


Yeah… they’ve been a bit funny about collecting only a few bags though. I will still have a few stuff for the recycling bins though (t-shirts etc.)


There is a clothes and textiles recycling bin between the Sainsbury’s and petrol station in Bell Green


I always taken under used or not fitting now clothes, books etc to both the salvation army and Sense in Catford.


Perfect timing I did half last weekend and will finish clear out this weekend. Clothes which can be sold I shall drop off at Red Cross as have done before.
But then stuff that cant be sold but could be worn and not for rags. Had googled and found the bins outside Coop for recycling. But if they are always full is it worth it? Might try the Sainsbury’s Bell Green as per Chris’ message. Always been dubious if any of those bins are ever emptied or just sits there for months getting mouldy.
Can shoes be dropped off there as well (may have a few)


Bell Green Sydenham bins are almost always full too. If you are driving, it’s worth going a little further to Waitrose in Beckenham. The recycling bins there always have capacity and there is one specifically to support St Christopher’s Hospice (tucked in at the back) that I always try to use.


There is also a bin on Tyson road, about half way up the road outside the off-license. It takes clothes and shoes. I just dropped of a couple of bags last weekend and it seemed empty at the time.


Hi, As a newcomer to Devonshire Road - though not to SE23 - this is really useful to know as I have several bags of clothing and shoes for recycling! However, will keep quite to husband about presence of off licence just round the corner!


There is a recycling bin in Adelaide Avenue, (Catford) a few minutes walk in to the coach park, behind the library.


Thought Adelaide Avenue was Brockley SE4


Yes sorry, I stand corrected, heat gone to my head I think!
I meant CANADIAN AVENUE, behind Catford Library. The bin/s are just at the start of the coach park.