Clubs, hobbies, pastimes...what to do when not doing what you do?


I’ve hit a bit of a personal stumbling block as we hit week 5 of 2019, with big changes to my life and routine.

However, one thing that won’t be changing is my postcode, and I’m really interested to hear what different clubs, groups and classes people take part in to bust them out of their daily routines.

I’m not the sportiest person so I guess I’m particularly looking for make-and-do, skills-based or other self-improvement ideas. But whatever you’re into that can be done locally or semi-locally, share and share alike. I need some new hobbies!


Monthly philosophy discussion starts on Wednesday at Leaf & Groove
Fortnightly whisky tasting at the All Inn One
And you can volunteer to help out at the library any day of the week!


I’m the chairman of the Quiz League Of London. We’d love to have more players from my local area and perhaps even have a team based down here. It’s a team game, usually played in pub rooms on Tuesday nights. So if you’ve ever fancied yourself when 15to1 or Mastermind or The Chase are on, or you’re a pub quizzer who fancies a bit of a new challenge, get in touch with me on here or look at our website for more details.