Clyde Terrace - 27 homes to be built?

Exhaust Express the Mot garage on the a said road has been demolished. A notice has been posted from Hexagon housing association saying 27 homes are being built. Does anyone know anything?

Anything on the Hexagon website?

Yes Robert.
A 6-storey block with commercial units on ground floor fronting railway and flats above is now being built on that site. It’s kinda huge - being more than one full storey’s height over-and-above the buildings on either side.

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Address is r/o 53 Dartmouth road

Thank you for the reply. When was planning permission passed

November 2015

The planning permission says that it varies in height and that the ground floor is office accommodation.

Demolition of the existing building at Fairway House, r/o 53 Dartmouth Road SE23, and the construction of part single/ part 3-storey and part 5/ part 6-storey buildings to provide 27 self-contained residential flats with ground floor offices

So although I thought this was completed it seems to have been continuously tinkered with for years… I live nearby and hear what sounds like really loud screeching metal circular saws and similar extremely regularly.
Anyone know what’s up cos it’s doing my head in.

I also live in Clyde terrace and noise comes from behind me from the smaller of the two most recent builds. Scaffolding has been erected around this block
A compressor is on the ground floor which is turned on eight every morning in the week. The rest of the noise comes from the workmen and their electric tools
The block appears to have a damp problem which they are addressing
I am retired and the noise is very frustrating

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Oh no I think you’re even closer.
So they don’t know what they’re doing… hmmm…
Well hopefully they’ll sort out the issues in the next couple of years :roll_eyes:

The builders doing that project changed 2 or 3 times, or maybe more, and every time a new one took over they were moaning about how bad the previous work had been - so I think there will be problems with those buildings for many years to come

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I live there, and they’re replacing all the balconies to comply to the new Grenfell regulations. However the builders are doing a really crap botched job, and are taking a million years to do it. All very frustrating, noise included.


Oh dear…. Doesn’t sound good at all

The work is coming to an end anyway so you should be noise free soon. I’m not aware of any damp problems though or anything like that, it’s just the widespread cladding issue.

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Oh I wonder if this is the rumbling noise that I’ve been hearing every morning. Glad it’s meant to be stopping soon…

The scaffolding around the smaller block is being removed. Unfortunately new scaffolding is being erected on the larger block. I appears to be two towers to give access to the balconies so more noises I am afraid.

They’re at it right now as I’m trying to work and I’m barely restraining myself from going slightly postal.
It’s a particularly unpleasant sound.

How’s that “ending” going :slight_smile:
Hope you’re managing… it’s been every day this week!

After the works have finished it looks like Clyde Vale and Clyde Terrace might get a bit more congested because the commercial units that form the dead-end will be a nursery for up to 80 children and, if the local schools are anything to go by, many of the parents will be wanting to pull up right outside the gates.
(Mind you, I think the additional footfall to the area (as suggested in 8.h below) may be great for local shops and coffee bars)

This is from a recent planning application DC/21/123301 -

7. The employment unit will be occupied by a day nursery. It will be operated by an experienced and well-established nursery provider with other facilities in SE London with a good Ofsted rating.
8. The key elements of the proposed nursery are:
a. There will be an 80 Children capacity at any one time.
b. Operational hours will be 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
c. Ages for the children will be 3 months to 5 years.
d. It is anticipated that there will be 20 to 25 permanent employees for the nursery.
e. Frosted glass film will be applied to the windows for safeguarding purposes.
f. A branded sign on the exterior of the unit is proposed.
g. A right of way at all times through the Dartmouth Road pedestrian gate, with a remote door entry will be maintained.
h. Unrestricted vehicular access is available through Clyde Vale. However, based on a traffic survey conducted at another of the operator’s sites parents generally come from the local catchment area, with the majority of them therefore expected to access the nursery on foot.
i. Use of the front area for a fenced off buggy park, subject to an unrestricted 24hr access for emergency services.
j. Unrestricted use of the outdoor space.

Interesting… obviously more child care options are a good thing but 80 kids + 80 parents + perhaps 80 buggies/prams is going to make that little entrance between the shops (if that’s the one they’re talking about) rather congested even if it’s staggered and there are no cars.
Archie Parker will clean up!