Clyde Terrace - 27 homes to be built?

As a landlord on Dartmouth Road since 1986, with several shops and flats, I have learned to take a balanced view on everything and, whilst I have a shop and entrances to flats even on that pathway, the fact that the nursery will be bringing lots of people to that part of the shopping area will be a big positive - especially as Fairway House, back in the day, employed dozens of people as did L&Q housing association in offices in Kingswear House (opposite), all of whom have been a loss to local eateries, hair salons and other shops.

So I say bring on everyone working at and bringing their children (on foot) to the new nursery!

By the way, I lived opposite a primary school for 8 years and I found that the sound of children playing out is one of the nicest ‘nuisance’ noises that there are.


Yeah absolutely! Beats the trains and the building work by a mile.
Also may help push for a more regular “sort out” of the alley by the tracks.

I just went to ask the workmen when they were due to be finished and they said “about 4 weeks”… they seemed to find the fact that the building had been worked on very noisily for 4 years at least quite hilarious.

This is good news for the Dartmouth Road and its businesses. It will bring must needed foot traffic to Dartmouth Road and also force the council to tidy up the footpath which runs by the side of the railway.
Also I would think most parents will arrive on foot because after taking their children they will want to get to the station.