Co-op / 1 Waldram Park Rd proposed hotel [Approved]

I don’t know - I do know EJ Carpets often park a van there and a few other staff cars from local businesses for the shops around Waldram Park which I don’t object to in principle but it does add to the demand for space on that road. As I mentioned in an earlier post I don’t have a car so don’t really have a skin in the game but if I did have a car I would certainly prefer to have a resident only parking area even if that meant paying a bit for the privilege.

I haven’t looked but I would imagine that those three spaces are not currently there, because of the vehicle access/exit points - so there will be an increase of 3 spaces (but they’ll apparently need 10), so a net loss of 7.

The three spaces suggested are on the proposed plan drawings here.

Trying to find official reference to the ten spaces mentioned a couple of times here.
Was this a guesstimate by someone or a referenced statement?

Official parking study suggests 13 overnight spaces will be required

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Was just trawling back myself to find that.

The proposal for 89 bedrooms is therefore expected to have an overnight parking
demand of 13 vehicles

So technically two separate things, although both relevant.
Three spaces needing to be found “on site” as per the plan, and ten other spaces will probably be taken in the surrounding area by guests.

Was just picturing them trying to fit 13 in the planned site for a minute. Makes sense now.

I wonder if they can rent parking spaces in the Perry Vale car park in the way that zip car do. I have seen this in many places when you turn up to a hotel they give you a permit to display and there are a few reserved places in the local car park.
It’s not like Parry Vale is over used although I believe atm that you are not supposed to leave your car overnight.


I am a Zipcar member and use the vehicles stabled at the Perry Vale car park.

I am unaware of any restrictions that prohibit overnight parking - and parking fees cease at 18:30 until 8 ish the following morning.

By their very nature Zipcars are parked overnight a lot of the time.

Frankly it’s hard to tell the times allowed from the Perry Vale parking page on to t’interweb. But Zip Cars aside I’d want some extra security if I were to park a car there overnight.


Whenever I have stayed in a Travelodge which uses a car park which is not theirs, they either validate your parking if it has barriers, or register your vehicle reg if it is pay and display.

I am sure something could, and would be arranged. Maybe something Ringo related. Will be interesting to see what they do, and also over time how accurate the predictions of spaces needed are.

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I thought it was just me who thought that…

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Not in Bath, sadly.

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Yeah there have been the odd exception to the rule. Typical it’s the one you want to use lol.

I wonder how much of a priority free parking would be for people using it. That said, £5 all day parking is probably not going to be too much of an issue for most guests. That said, there is a permit parking zone too apparently, maybe they could work with that.

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I read on that the Co-op may now close in September. Any one here heard anything further?

Spotted this sign yesterday on the Stanstead Road side of the co-op. It looks brand new, yet states connects on the plans must be submitted four months ago!

Has anyone else seen similar notices prior to the May 2018 deadline? I knew of the proposal, but I pass every day and hadn’t seen a Notice of Proposed Development before.

I asked in the Co-Op earlier this week when they were closing, and the manager told me that the lease has just been extended. He seemed to imply that closure was off the cards, though I can’t quite believe it.

That’s great news - I’d assumed, too, that an extra row of shelves being placed on top would indicate they’re looking to expand business rather than pack up anytime soon.

I never saw this sign and go every day!

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According to one of the shop owners opposite, it’s just until 2019. So it might still be on the cards.

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