Coat donation

I have several jackets and coats that I’d ideally like to donate to a charity to redistribute to homeless people or others in need.

Does anyone know of any locally? Otherwise I’m happy to just drop them in a regular charity shop for sales. Thanks.

I’d like to keep that in mind for the future as well, if anybody has any ideas. Otherwise Emmaus a homeless charity shop up the Lee High Road might be a good place to take them.

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If you can hang on to them for a year, there is a charity that collects coats at London terminus stations and other locations around the capital in November.

Thanks. I was trying to recall this site. Our office does an in-office collection once a year and then makes a single delivery on behalf of staff.

Brilliant, I’ll keep a note of the website. :slight_smile:

Hi there

I volunteer for wrapupondon every year and it’s a fantastic initiative. The collections are actually at key tube stations rather than termini, but there is also usually an option to post them for free via Collectplus so you might not even need to take them into town.


I’ve just replaced my thick winter coat. There was nothing wrong with my old one, just a bit tight after having kids and kidding myself it didn’t look ‘snug’.

It’s a good quality woman’s down coat suitable for cold weather. I would like to donate somehow rather than give to charity.

Are there any locations within a half hour walk of SE23 I could donate it to?

I’ve also noticed for those interested these guys are running a coat collection ahead of winter, but I can’t make the dates/ locations.

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If you’d prefer not to drop your coat into a local charity shop, where it can also earn Gift Aid for the charity then
I’ll be happy to drop your coat in to one of this project’s locations if that’s where you’d like it to go.


That’s really kind. The reason I don’t want it going to a charity shop is because I want the coat to be worn by someone in need of a warm clothing.

If I don’t have any luck with finding a way to donate the coat more easily, that would be fab. Thank you. :relaxed:


I also have a coat to donate to wrap up London. Are they advertising this already? They were collecting at London Bridge station befor Covid. So I’ll check that out again.

They are collecting at London Bridge, Waterloo, Kings Cross & Victoria on the 8th & 9th November, between 7am - 11 am.

I am happy to take coats into London Bridge one of those days if people want to drop them round to me. As long as they are in good condition - ie you would wear it still.

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That would be amazing. I haven’t found another way to donate my coat- just frustrating I can’t make the drop off times.

I’ll PM you :relaxed: