Coffee in SE23



For me, the coffee in both Crofton Park and Brockley is far better than the rather average offerings available in HOP. The Deli is distinctly average and does nothing to compel me to return, Two Spoons coffee is good for me but far too strong for my wife, the station cafe is okay but certainly not great.

I love the coffee at Fred’s, Arlo & Mo, Benedicts, the Brockley Mess and the Brockley Deli further down near the two roundabouts. These are more pleasant places to go and spend some time in compared to the local competition in HOP, which often cannot be bothered to put a name above the door (what is that all about, both Mamma Dough and now Two Spoons - makes a place feel more like a pop-up rather than an established business)…


Two Spoons is a new rebrand so am happy to cut them some slack on this. I agree re Mamma Dough. The Brixton branch has a window stencil in the window. This would be enough in my view for the ‘flagship’ branch too but it has been like this for some years now. I know of an instance where someone walked past it and picked up a pizza from the takeaway instead because they didn’t know what it was.


Best Coffee in SE23 is the morning crew at Forest Hill station on the platform and outside. Avoid the older gentleman who does the afternoon shift. (and £1.80 for a small is insane value)

Another one is Horniman Museum, outside the museum next to the cafe seating there’s a little hut that just sells coffee, ice cream and snacks. There’s a guy in there with longish hair who is there on the weekends who does a cracking coffee as well.

Everywhere else I just find bang average. But adequate enough.


I’ve had hit and miss. It seems to depend on how busy they are. It’s difficult to craft find coffees when four people are waiting for the 0845 leaving in three minutes. Other times I’ve had excellent fare.


To add, Norris & Knight on Forest Hill Road also do a good coffee. Good lunch and amazing garden with chickens to boot.


Fig and Pistachio is excellent, as well as having terrific pastries and quiche.


Deserving of a special mention - the young chap at Honor Oak Park “On the Hoof” (in the station). He always remembers my order, is exceptionally positive and friendly, and the hazelnut* ice lattes there are great! Brightens every morning. :+1:

*ask for just a small amount of syrup as it’s very strong


I agree! I was just there an hour ago. Really nice chap and makes great soya moka :))


Hello Everyone,

with regards to us not having a name above the door, we are waiting for the awning to arrive ( it should be here in a couple of weeks) That will have our name on the front bit.
Once it’s here we will see how the front looks and if we need a sign. :slight_smile:


The London Tube Map by best local coffee shops. A couple of “local” mentions on there.

Source :


The Teapot in Forest Hill does pretty decent coffee. Also worth mentioning the Blue Mountain Cafe on Sydenham High Street, at the roundabout.


And a great ice latte:


St David’s serves the best flat white in Forest Hill.

The Capitol has a fairly decent Lavazza filter coffee with free refills, at under £1 is the cheapest.