Coffee shop to work in by Forest Hill station

Due to logistics this week, I need to find a coffee shop near the station to work for an hour or two for a couple of days (easier than popping home). Does anyone know which ones are laptop friendly with decent ish WiFi? Thanks.

Canvas and Cream or Costa in FH

I’d say Costa-if you need to sit for a few hours without spending much best to do so in a chain than an indipendent who rely on turning tables

Think I’ll be max 1.5 hours and intended to buy food/ coffees and definitely won’t be nursing one drinm the whole time so will try and support C&C. Haven’t been since before lockdown. Great shout

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You can also use the library, which has wifi and pretty fast internet but no coffee. Cheaper but less caffeinated.


Good to know. Given it’s a one off for this week, think I’ll indulge myself :wink: