Cold showers


Our hot water has been hit and miss since Thames Water had to turn off the supply when a local pipe burst last week. The pressure seems lower than it used to be too. Anyone else in HOP having similar problems? I’m fed up of cold showers!


Have you checked your boiler? They sometimes need a bit of tweaking after the water’s been off, depending on your set up.


It seems ok! We’ve got someone coming to take a look this week just in case.


If you’ve got a sealed system, check it’s got enough pressure. It’s an easy fix if not.


Pressure guage should read around 1.5-1.7 bar. You can increase pressure by using the two valves under the boiler normally connected by a flexible pipe sometimes both blue handles open both until pressure rises then shut both off again.
Only one point of caution do not turn off the cold water main feed which would be the third tap.
That should sort problems, if the situation is the pressure is too high over 2.0 bar then bleed radiators to reduce back to correct setting.


Thanks everyone. Radiators bled, boiler pressure fine, but showers still chilly. Hopefully the Worcester Bosch man will sort it out.


Can you let use know what the boiler man finds please, Have a similar problem.

Thanks .


Hi. AgentBlonde, My Worcester Bosch boiler has stopped working completely! Did you select one of the companies listed on their website for this area or from the recommendations on this site or elsewhere? Thanks


Hi everyone. Yes @bigmacca1 will certainly keep you posted. And @ChrisR we’ve got cover with Worcester Bosch so one of their own engineers will be coming out.


Boiler update as promised to @bigmacca1… A lovely chap from Worcester Bosch just came over and noticed that a valve in our boiler wasn’t working anymore. Apparently the reduced water pressure/snow-induced switch-off in the area likely played a part. Anyway, he found the right replacement on his van, fitted it, and the hot water seems much improved.


Good to know for future reference, thanks @AgentBlonde


Thanks for that, Enjoy your HOT shower ?