Colourful Moths of SE23

A non human resident I’ve just found in my shed. As moths go this one is pretty amazing! Never seen a moth with this colouring before.


Wow proper camouflage, did it fit in with your collection of skateboards Ben :joy::joy:

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Cool! I believe that is a Lime Hawk Moth - very pretty

This is the lovely moth I saw a few summers ago.

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Ah, I don’t want to appear to be the local moth expert (Google helped with the last one) but I happen to know this one. It is a lovely Jersey Tiger Moth - it even has an orange layer below those striped wings

(not my image - but I have one somewhere as well)

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More about local Jersey Tiger Moths at

There are lots of cool local moths. There are Poplar Hawk moths living on the hybrid poplars by the railway which are also impressively large. You get to see a sudden burst of colour when they fly.

Another one for the lepidoperologists: the Blotched Emerald:

This has a neat local connection. Though more widespread then first thought, it was originally known as the Maid of Honor as the first specimen was named after Oak of Honor wood on One Tree Hill where it was first found:;view=fulltext

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