Community Library computers

Hey all, any spare free parts please send my way for our FH #CommunityLibrary :+1::+1::+1:

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@Pauline What do the computer parts go towards?

Brilliant @Londondrz thank you :slight_smile:

@Mr_Robin_Banks The Council may not leave any computers when the library becomes a community library so regardless if our bid is the winning bid or not we’ll probably need to get computers right from the start of it becoming a community library in September!

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@Mr_Robin_Banks here’s our bid we submitted to Lewisham Council that’s now been shortlisted :slight_smile:

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Just had a chat with our UK MD who has kindly said that he is willing to donate a number of base units, and hopefully accessories towards this cause.

There are stipulations in place, but can discuss this all at the meeting.


That’s brilliant @anon64893700.

The library is also very welcome to my old printer if it’s any use?

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Thanks @anon5422159

Might have to see if I can further extend the deal with the MD to try and help others who would love to have a PC but can’t afford one. There are lots knocking around. Just depends how much we have in the was of accessories too.

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You can have my two Base units.


Thank you all so so much for this, I’ve just read this & it has brought a tear to my eye. The community spirit & support on all levels for our community library bid has completely blown me away :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This means so much to me so thanks guys!

At this rate we may even be able to extend on the IT equipment for the library :+1:


What a bastard! Are you generally in need of IT kit? I just disposed of around 120 PCs but I may have more if the occasion arose.

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Hahaha Nick, we may need more IT equipment so if you have any more please give me a shout & cheers for that :slight_smile: