Community Protection Warning issued

That was a few days ago, and I saw her back again this morning.

A word of advice to well-meaning residents - I’ve spoke to others who know about her situation and it’s clear that handing cash to this beggar is not the right thing to do.


Giving money to a beggar is just about the dumbest thing you can do. You are better off giving it to a proper charity who can make the money go further and spend it on the right people.

Street beggars are either completely fake and they treat it like a job and go home at night. Or they have mental health, drug or alcohol abuse problems that need professional help.

Sometimes I wish I could run up to people and explain that to them but… That would probably cause offence / be impolite.


If this is who I’m pretty sure it is, I’ve been told from a very very reliable source that she’s not homeless like most believe, she has a home.

I also gave her a very warm parker coat around last Xmas time when I believed she was homeless, though have never seen her with it since.

I’ve offered her food on quite a few occasions, but she rarely accepts.

I do feel sorry for her

[moderator: some personal information redacted]

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As was pointed out before* it probably isn’t right to discuss individuals and their situations in this open forum.

  • asterix included as I myself was guilty of this.
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I have also recently witnessed a middle-aged man dressed as a cyclist saying he has hurt his leg & needs money for a cab. This was on the Perry Vale side & he was there for sometime (I was sat in The Perry Vale).

Initially he looked very convincing - had all the gear on and a fairly decent bike.

It appears he has been doing it in East Dulwich too.,1846251

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Ah! I met him outside the All in One! Didn’t have the money for a cab but he did for a pint as I saw him having one when I left.


Dear Forest Hill,

Persistent begging is a tricky problem to tackle. I worked in the West End in the 1990’s and there were many regular beggars that went in and out of my station (Marylebone).
The issue in Forest Hill, Perry Vale and Crofton Park is nowhere near as bad but it is an issue none the less.
Our Ward Panel has made is one of our priorities on behalf of residents.
There are a few ways to tackle it, simple arrest for begging being one. However we recognise the need to try to work with other agencies and to give the beggars some support to stop the issue longer term.
Hence PC Hill and the rest of my team are using Community Protection Notices in this particular instance.
We hope this works but if it doesn’t we will be taking an enforcement approach in the coming weeks.

Best wishes,

Sgt Jon Biddle


Aha this is the lady in the railway tunnel is it not. There have been quite a few ‘bloke holding car keys who has broke down and needs bus fare’ too to which the answer is “I’ve lived in London for over 20 years mate - I’ve heard them all.”

A bigger problem is on the London Overground trains in the evening from Highbury and Islington back to FH and beyond. There’s a beggar or begging poet with an undercurrent of aggression etc on just about every Overground train in the evenings. No guard means they just hop off one and onto the next one. It’s getting worse as time goes on. A girl on there last night asked every signle person for money one by one and tried to wake up a bloke who was asleep!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the notices are that effective as she’s back there now.

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I can only speak for FH & not central - but I do know that @SgtBiddle & his team are definitely on the case locally- I’ve seen them & think they do a marvellous job for our community.

They are stretched to the limit & do a bloody good job, I think they all deserve a massive thanks from all of us for keeping FH as safe as they can with a such a small team.

I really appreciate them all :+1:


May take a walk down to speak to her, but sadly I think she’s there through no choice of her own :frowning:

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I had a man with a bike ask me for money about a month ago by Honor Oak Park station. He said he needed it as his bike had broken and he had to get a train. He approached me on a quiet side road which I wasn’t keen on - I wondered why he wasn’t actually in the station and it didn’t feel right so I said no and then felt bad - at least now I don’t!

With the train woman they made an announcement at Canada Water today that they had captured her image and she was commiting a criminal act but she didn’t look like she could have cared less.

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They are initial ‘warning’ letters. The ‘notices’ come next.


The British Transport Police (BTP) deal with issues on trains and the Tube.

Have you tried to contact them?


Took a wander down, but she’s not there now. Maybe she took note.

I do worry about her though where her partners involved :frowning:

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Is that how she got those bruises one time? :frowning: I’ve wondered about what to do to help her so many times. I see her most days.
I’ve also had the cyclist guy approach me but I’m
Not worried about him!

With the exception of rush hour, whenever I get on the overground line these days there is a beggar and the poet guy is certainly getting more aggressive in his manner. I find it really intimidating when I’m alone…

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I don’t think I can reply to this on social media without concreate evidence, but it does concern me that domestic violence may be involved sadly :frowning:

I know recent commenters have her best interests at heart, but as pointed out before by @Michael, by @Starman, and more than one moderator, it’s inappropriate to speculate publicly about her relationships, especially abusive ones.

Long-term beggars make themselves a “public interest” topic, but we must draw a line on how personal our comments go.

Let’s stay closer to the publicly-known facts and avoid creating too much narrative based on very personal circumstances, true or otherwise.


I don’t see much public harm being caused with people silently begging at the side of a street / underpass…
Agree that a much bigger problem for those who live in this area is the beggars on the Overground (especially at the weekend), as they come into your personal space and verbally demand money from you.

I’ve lost count of how many times the poet has tried to talk to me, or the lady who lives in an alcoholic recovery hostel in Limehouse. I’m concerned that if the police don’t take this seriously now, the Overground will become overrrun with aggressive beggars and become unsafe.


I appreciate your mod post Chris, but domestic violence is a serious issue & I would hate the fact that if we ignored it in this case & something terrible happened to this person in the near future - I don’t think it’s a bad thing if anyone wants to try to help her