Community weapons sweep

Really for the attention of @SgtBiddle and Co, but also to highlight such events.

I have seen on a few occasions where the community can get involved in weapons sweeps, and noticed Southwark promoting a few yesterday and asking for volunteers.

So on a two pronged approach, I wondered the following.

When are the next ones you can request volunteers for, is it possible to post them here in case I miss them on Twitter.

And secondly, who else would be happy to get involved in this very worthy cause? I am not sure how many people were aware of these “events”


I wasn’t aware such things existed. Can you post some links with more information?

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We have had a couple “advertised” on the Forest Hill Police twitter accounts, but I tend to miss them.

This is what reminded me to ask now.

A few other MPS ones recently.

It is a genuinely life saving / changing activity that I would love to become a regular part of.


Oh my days. A community weapons sweep? Can you explain how this works 'cause my creative mind is envisaging all sorts of Law & Order scenarios.


lol trust you!!

In short, it is the communities opportunity to help the police search known and suspected areas, (grounds not people!!) for hidden weapons.

Find a knife, save a life… Simples.

If you are free when they are done, every pair of hands and eyes makes a difference. And some of the sweeps done by the Met with the help of the public have turned up some shocking results.


Now that does sound cool. Hopefully you can keep us informed here of opportunities. Much appreciated.

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I will keep my eyes peeled on Twitter for info on up and coming sweeps. I have just emailed the SNT, and asked to be informed of any such community involvement opportunities.

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Right, just got an update from PC Allen.

There is a community weapons sweep on April 21st at midday, if anyone in interested in getting involved please contact me or Forest Hill SNT

I will get some more info on this, and post it here when I have it…

I will be there for sure. Anyone else coming along?

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I’ll admit, I’m a bit shocked. Only moved to London at the end of last year and have never been aware of weapons sweeps before. Will try and make it to the next one.


Shocked I can understand, but no call for concern :slight_smile: So please don’t worry too much.

A few things to bear in mind are:

Weapons stashes are not a new thing
It is not only a London incentive
These activities are to stay ahead of the curve, and prevent incidents
Police have been doing these all over the country for years now.

Social media has a habit of alarming people by making otherwise unknown things, known. Ignorance is bliss (not calling you ignorant). Although once we know publicly about these things, we can play our part in making a different. 1 knife - 1 life is the way to look at it.

Really hope it does not worry you too much, and it is good to hear you are going to get stuck in and help.

If you don’t mind me asking, what area did you move from?

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That’s fine! It’s just something I’d never really thought about. Obviously aware of knife crime but didn’t realise weapons were being cached in parks. I was living in Southampton before I moved up.

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Phew, glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Yup, some of the sweeps done by the Met and other forces have uncovered some really nasty weapons. Sadly, some even found in childrens play parks , and other areas where you would really wish bladed items would be kept away from.

Seems that people who carry knives have a really warped moral compass indeed. All the more reason to get the knives off the streets.

I know this might seem an obvious thing to say, but here is food for thought.
A stashed knife if one which someone wants to know is there in case the need arises to show it or use it. Rather than those who carry knives, claiming the mindset of it makes them feel safer.
The intent of both types are very different, and stashed on removes the possibility of it being used in an opportunistic manner.

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[mod: location redacted] wouldn’t it be slightly counter productive to publicise in advance where the search was going to be?!


I would assume the sweep will be done “locally” , including the park area.
With regards to advertising it publicly, I know what you mean, but these things are advertised on Twitter and other social media platforms, yet still turn up weapons.

The main aim is to ensure these weapons are not laying around public areas, where they may cause harm to others. The secondary aim is to remove them from the possession of the criminal. If learning about the sweep results in these people removing their weapons from a place where a child may stumble across it, so be it.

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I can’t do the 21st. But will look forward to your report.

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Ooohh the excuses already lol

Many pictures will follow, will post on Twitter realtime lol

I’m at ER2’s birthday party.

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Hi - I was wondering if there are any more weapons sweeps happening in the near future?

Looks like there might be.